Lace Wedding Dresses

In simple terms Lace is defined as 'holes in fabric created by thread which forms a decorative pattern.' The new generations of laces have innovative materials and techniques that create outstanding visual impact and quality to a garment. The mixture of vintage and modern laces together such as re-embroidered lace is being widely used from bridal gowns to day wear.

As one of the most exquisite adornments, lace has always been a big part of the fashion world. However, this seasons runway fashions had a bewildering array of laces, from trims to black lace cocktail dresses to lace tights and it was evident that designers are infatuated with the visual impact lace creates.

Bridal gown designers are following the trend by designing many variations of lace wedding dresses. With vintage inspired weddings being prominent as ever, brides are seeking the dreamy look that lace details provide.

Over the centuries this fabric has never lost its allure and powerful mystique. It has been said 'that the finest lace creations have an air of fragility as if they would fall apart at the touch'. The memorizing qualities are part of its charm is that the more you look at it, the more it reveals a whole new level of detail.

Unlike any other fabric, lace can go from runway to vintage and back to runway again. The undying elegance and versatility is unmatched by any other. No other fabric can range from romantic, to girlie, to sensually suggestive.

Lace isn't just an added detail of a garment, it is the garment.

Our collections include numerous vintage lace wedding dresses. Call or email us for more information.

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