Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

The lure of the phrase "vintage wedding dress" can be very captivating for any bride to be. Captured in time through faded photographs, the brides from the past, create a sense of mystery, glamour and romance from an era gone by. Fashion is greatly inspired by past decades' style and manner. Wedding dresses are no exception to this trend. The latest wedding dresses pose a mix of many vintage style wedding dresses, thus creating newer and modern styles.

Our Vintage Bride got just the Reaction that she Hoped For From Her Groom!

Vintage Wedding Gowns

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The Vintage Bride

In the fashion industry, the word “vintage” is used so frequently and improperly that it often loses its meaning entirely. Generally speaking, clothing which was produced before the 1920s is referred to as antique clothing and clothing from the 1920s to 20 years before the present day is usually considered vintage.

In the wedding dress industry, the term "vintage style" or "vintage inspired" refers to gowns that imitate the style, feel and essence of a by-gone era. The design needs to capture the heart and soul of this period in time complete with its glamour and passion. The references must be specific, recognizable and evoke an emotional response to bring life back into that magical era.

Vintage Wedding Gowns

The early 1900s in America was an era of daring styles – short haircuts and shorter skirts. Women had liberated themselves from the constricting corsets and skirts of the decades before, and now wore loose dresses and even pants!

Although the Great Depression was right around the corner, the years before it were a time of peace and prosperity. Many fashion houses were founded in this age, including Chanel. Coco Chanel, the founder, emphasized elegance and class. She is the lady who insisted that every woman need own a Little Black Dress.

A vintage wedding gown when worn should conjure up a mood of red lipstick, pin curls, antique lace, afternoon tea, bow ties and swing bands. Being “vintage” is about tapping into a sensibility which evokes nostalgia and brings to life the passion and excitement of a wonderful past era.

Our vintage inspired designs combine sparkle, embroidery and feathers to adorn these light weight silk gowns. They are created for the stylish bride who wants to take center stage in a feminine yet confident glamor.

Vintage Wedding Gowns

Sarah’s Houston creates impeccably sculpted dresses made of the finest silks, French tulle's and delicate laces. No matter what era we live in, the vintage wedding dress will always be an inspiration for the modern world.

"Fashion is about Creating a Fantasy. There are no boundaries." ~ Sarah Houston

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